1881 Distillery launches new gin in cans

1881 Distillery has unveiled a new ready-to-drink (RTD) perfect serve gin can, enabling its popular Hydro Gin and Pavilion Gin to be enjoyed on-the-go.

Hydro Gin is the distillery’s signature London Dry gin and Pavilion Gin is infused with Borders berries and hibiscus.

The cans have been carefully crafted to ensure they balance the flavours of the gins with tonic.

Charlie Leckie, 1881 Brand Manager, said: “We have seen a continued trend for RTD products which are really convenient and offer the perfect serving. These cans will make a brilliant addition to our range and help to make our gins much more accessible on the move.

“They also offer the opportunity to really showcase our incredible gins. The 250ml cans are 8% ABV, almost a double measure of gin. We did this because we are passionate about our gin and want people to really taste it. A gin and tonic for us is all about the gin, and at 8% you can certainly taste it and appreciate the complexities of the botanicals we use.”

1881 Distillery is an award-winning gin distillery located within Peebles Hydro Hotel and resort. The new gin cans are available to purchase in packs of 12 for £28 from www.1881distillery.com.

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