New Limited Edition Firework Gin released

“Baby, you’re a Firework!” – This is what we imagine the fabulous team at Tarbraxus Distillers were singing when they created their latest limited edition release- Firework gin.

The new gin from the creators of the award-winning Pentland Hill Original and Navy Strength Gin is a very limited batch of a ‘Firework’ edition. The gin’s botanical list includes ginger, cardamom, honey and honeysuckle (picked from their garden at Dykehead). It also contains some old favourites such as orange and cocoa nibs. The gin is
distilled at 45% abv so it provides just a little more of an alcohol ‘kick’ to add that extra bit of spicy warmth. it sounds like just the thing to light up your night!

Tasting notes
The gin is nice and dry, it has a soft palette, but you can certainly detect the warmth of the cardamom and ginger. The little hint of cinnamon offers a nice bit of spice and the honey and chocolate provide a bit of sweetness. The perfect g&t is to add a bit of apple and for those of you who like to experiment with your mixers it also goes really well with ginger ale.

As with all Pentland Hills Gin, it is only available in very small qualities, it retails at £40.99 ( and packaging-saving refills are a brilliant £10 off) and can be found online at

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