Heavy and Bright Gins released from Holyrood Distillery

After the successful launch of their first gin, Height of Arrows, and winning Whisky Exchange’s ‘Gin of the Year’, Edinburgh’s Holyrood Distillery has crafted two new gins which continue their ethos that less is more, focusing on enhancing the flavour of juniper and juniper alone. 

The Height of Arrows Heavy uses roasted juniper which creates a robust gin that is sweetened in the Old Tom style. The Bright variation focuses more on the natural flavourings of the juniper berry, multi-shot distillation is used to create this unique gin, which in turn creates a refined juniper-forward expression. 

The name Height of Arrows is inspired by its unique position in the shadow of Arthur’s Seat. Holyrood Distillery is a modern distillery in the heart of historic Edinburgh, dedicated to shaping the spirit of tomorrow.

Ahead of World Gin Day on 11 June, you will be able to buy the new gins on the Holyrood Distillery website.

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