Alcohol-free gin in ready to drink cans from Eden Mill

Doing Dry January? Or simply made a New Year resolution to cut back on the G&Ts? Well, here’s some news that will make you happy. Eden Mill has launched cans of pre-mixed alcohol- free G&Ts that you can enjoy guilt-free!

Eden Nil is the new range of alcohol-free pre-mixed spirits from Eden Mill, aimed at gin-lovers who are cutting back on their units this year. And apparently, in tests, 75% of people couldn’t tell the difference between them and the real thing! 

Eden Mill have worked in collaboration with the expert botanists from the Secret Herb Garden in Edinburgh to create a non-alcoholic distillate using just water, juniper, coriander, lemon balm and cardamom. They’ve paired this with tonic water to create a non-alcoholic twist on the classic ‘G&T’ that gives a brilliant tasting and refreshing experience for the senses, but without the units!

You can also enjoy cans of alcohol-free Love Gin, paired with rose lemonade to create a refreshing non-alcoholic taste of summer, even if it isn’t here quite yet!

So, if you’re feeling virtuous, but still want to feel like you’re enjoying a G&T, check out the range, which is available on their website for £1.50 a can, or as part of a mixed multipack.

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