City of Aberdeen Distillery opens its doors

It is 75 years since the last distillery in Aberdeen city closed its doors. However, in December 2019 the tradition of distilling in the city was restored.

Tucked away within a historic railway arch, the City of Aberdeen Distillery is also home to the Aberdeen Gin School and shop.

Established by two friends Dan and Alan, who first met at Aberdeen University Wine Society. Dan’s enthusiasm for making beer was matched with Alan’s passion for making wine (from any fruit he could find) – even growing grapes in his own garden which became possibly the first Aberdeen vintage Pinot Noir.

Their love of brewing led them to a passion for distilling and the City of Aberdeen Distillery was born!

One of the distillery’s mantras is “Made for Aberdeen, by Aberdeen” – it all began with an empty railway arch and everything inside that makes up the distillery was designed by the Dan and Alan, and with the help of friends and local professionals (joiners, electricians, plumbers) the distillery took form. The light fittings, the experience bench, counters and even the botanical table were dreamt up by the pair and created specifically for the surroundings. These elements come together, with the rumble of trains overhead, to create a unique and cosy atmosphere.

With the distillery’s flagship gin set to launch early in 2020, the team are currently offering gin school where guests can make their own gin on a copper alembic mini-still and various other gin experiences.

They will also offer distillery tours and tastings and visitors can enjoy a gin and tonic while looking around the distillery

Find out more about The City of Aberdeen Distillery here.

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