Deerness Distillery releases new Scuttled Gin

Stuart and Adelle Brown moved from sunny Australia to Orkney with their three children 5 years ago to enjoy a more family-friendly way of life. They founded the Deerness Distillery there, realising a long-held dream to create craft spirits, and have been producing their award-winning Sea Glass Gin and Into the Wild vodka there ever since.  They embrace the idea of producing truly hand-crafted spirits at the distillery, and the resulting products are true reflections of their beautiful rural location.

Now, for 2019, they have launched a brand new gin to add to their collection. The special edition Scuttled Gin has been created to mark the centenary of the scuttling of the WWI German High Seas Fleet in Scapa Flow on 21st June 2019. They have collaboration with the scapa100 foundation on Orkney to produce the gin to commemorate the anniversary. You can read more about the planned activities here.

The key botanicals in the gin are Juniper, Tarragon, Cassia bark, Cinnamon, Green Pepper, Lemon Peel, Camomile Flower Heads, Lavender and mint.  We haven’t tried this (yet) but have been told it’s a juniper-led London Dry gin, with a peppery-lemon-cassia bark middle and a clean cinnamon-mint finish, taking you on a fantastic sensory journey, so definitely something we’ll be aiming to taste soon!

Stuart has suggested a number of perfect serves for Scuttle Gin:

–          Franklin and Son natural Indian tonic water, ice, (lemon, lime or orange) accompany very well

–          Franklin and Son natural Indian tonic water, frozen raspberries and mint leaves

–          Lixir Elderflower & lemon tonic, ice and lemon or lime

–          Lixir Blood orange & cinnamon tonic and a cinnamon stick

Apart from those, you can just experiment and have fun!

As with all their labels, the Scuttle Gin bottle label is a hand cut lino design that is then stencilled, digitalised and printed on to the labels.

Each bottle comes with a swing tag, telling the story behind the scuttling of the fleet in Orkney. A percentage of the bottle profits are going to assist with the planned projects and commemoration events in 2019.

Want to own one of these beauties? They can be purchased through as well as through selected wholesalers, such as J.W.Grays on Orkney & Shetland and Huffman’s Ltd.

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