A gin cocktail book for real people

How many times has it happened to you? You see a recipe for a gin cocktail you’d like to try and, halfway down you come across some liqueur or syrup you have never even heard of, let alone own!

When I received a copy of GIn Shed 22 by Lorraine Isgrove, I was delighted to see no such nonsense. Lorraine has created a beautifully simple book to inspire innovation and a touch of adventure in gin lovers just like you and me.

It all starts with Lorraine’s gin shed (looks like a stunning summer house) in her garden, where she and her gin ladies (and an occasional man) enjoy gin and plenty of banter, and this is where the idea for this lovely wee book started.

The eight gins used in the book are simply what were on the shelves of the gin shed, and Lorraine takes us through simple ways to use them to create a range of martinis, great G&Ts and gin cocktails. There is also a section on making your own gin infusions.

Alongside each of the easy-to-follow recipes are pictures of the creations, as well as witty and tipsy quotes from the lucky ladies of the shed who got to try them.

The gin shed ladies have had so much fun doing the book that they have launched their own YouTube Channel, where you can watch their antics on video.

Lorraine even advises on glassware and equipment you might want if you’re thinking of setting up your own gin shed (we are!).

Above all, this little book makes you smile. No fancy recipes or rules – just 24 wonderful suggestions on how you might enjoy your gin.  It comes from a real passion from the author and her gin shed ladies, with comments like

“This one can actually make you fly and dance to ABBA with the dog”

You get the gist. One final thing: I’ll be waiting for my invitation to Callander this summer to visit the gin shed for myself!

Get your copy of Gin Shed 22 here.

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