The Pentland Hills and Panza

The latest Scottish Gin distillery to open outside Edinburgh on the A70, is Tarbraxus, makers of Pentland Hills Gin – a nod to their breath-taking surroundings.

A journey of passion

After at least a year of talking about making their own gin, Phil and Tabatha, having been inspired by their annual trip to Islay, they finally decided to go for it.

The couple roped in some good (and willing) friends as tasters as they tested distillations on their experimental still and, at last, they found the one that they were most excited about.

The juggle of full-time jobs and setting up the distillery came to an end for Phil and Tabatha when they finally shredded their security passes for their respective jobs on the 29th September 2018.

Their website only went live on Tuesday 27 November, and thanks to their hard work, already they have achieved so much.

A sustainable approach

Phil and Tabatha are incredibly passionate about what they do, and this is reflected by making their gin production as environmentally sustainable as possible. Each bottle is hand etched with a unique number, allowing customers to send the bottle back for a refill. The bespoke box the bottle is dispatched in is made from recycled cardboard and should survive at least 5 journeys’ back and forth to Tarbraxus. This is a truly circular approach.

The distillery is powered by solar energy; [the British Geological Society has just approved the spring water that runs through their land]; they have planted their own juniper crops in the land next to their poly-tunnels where they are growing botanicals, and the tails are re-used to make soap. They have thought of everything to make their operation as low-impact on the environment as possible.

Meet Douglas and Panza

The gin production is small-batch for now on a 30-litre copper pot still called Douglas, who sits stoutly in the ‘Ginatorium’. Where possible, the botanicals are sourced locally – the ambition is to eventually have all the botanicals sourced in as close proximity as possible.

There is another and very important member of the team – Panza, their 1-year-old chocolate Labrador, who is forever immortalised on the Pentland Hills gin bottle, looking up to Tinto Hill. Panza has led an eventful life so far and is the unofficial brand ambassador of the gin.

As is often the case on distillery visits, we were blown away by the passion and enthusiasm of Phil and Tabatha (and Panza) and look forward to seeing the Pentland Hill Gin brand flourish.

Suggested serve: pink grapefruit and premium tonic.

On the nose: certainly juniper, a hint of cardamom and mint, is that also chocolate?

On the palate: coriander on the first pass and perhaps cardamom.  Certainly a hint of orange and mint.

On the finish: a light pepper may linger, is that chocolate again?!

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Please drink gin responsibly.

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