2018 – The year of Scottish Gin

What a year 2018 has been for the Scottish Gin industry. If anyone thought the Scottish Gin boom was slowing down, the new gins and distillery openings this year and the ones we know are planned for 2019 are telling a different story.

he Scottish Gin Society works tirelessly to keep up with all of the new gin releases and the latest news from the World of Scottish Gin. This ensures that our online A-Z and Gin Map of Scotland are always accurate and that you are constantly kept right up to date.
Scottish Gin Society Founder, Stephen White said:

“The Scottish Gin Society Team have logged 40 new gin brands this year and there are a few more that we are still working on to find the back story of their origin. 2018 has proven even busier for new Scottish Gins than 2017 and we now have no less than 132 brands.

If I said that 2019 couldn’t possibly be so busy, I’ll probably be wrong!

However, as the market becomes more and more crowded, it will not be a surprise if a few of the smaller brands have to give up the battle to sell viable quantities of their products”

To give you a measure of how busy this year has been, see below for the new Scottish Gin releases of 2018 (in no particular order) It’s been a busy year and these are just the new Scottish Gin brands – there have been may more expressions of Scottish Gins released. Plus there are also a few we’re still verifying and waiting for info on that aren’t featured yet. Phew!

And what a year it has been for The Scottish Gin Society! We have grown our online following to over 115,000, with our social media posts reaching hundreds of thousands of people each month. Our audience has a global reach, from here to New Zealand, to South Africa and beyond. In 2018 to date, we have had over 146,000 visits to our website – most of you have been checking out our A-Z of Scottish Gin.

We were again proud to be sponsors and hosts of The Scottish Gin Awards 2018 and look forward to seeing a lot of you at our Meet The Winners event in Glasgow in February 2019.

We love to hear your feedback, we have had a lot of people get in touch to say they love our Featured Gin series, which helps introduce our followers to the stories behind the gins.

Thank you all for your support and we look forward to a bigger, brighter and exciting 2019.

Please drink gin responsibly.

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