Square Peg Pink Gin

We were thrilled to try the new pink gin brought to us by the Square Peg Spirits Company, Square Peg Pink Gin.

Pink gin may once have been seen as a novelty drink, but it is growing in popularity and, what we really love about the Square Peg Pink Gin is that it is the colour is completely natural and it has no artificial sweeteners.

But what are the natural flavours, and where does that colour come from?  This small-batch Scottish Gin is infused with a selection of Scottish berries, predominantly Raspberries from Perthshire and Angus farms as well as more traditional botanicals such as juniper and orris root.

Square Peg Pink Gin

Created at Strathleven Distillery in Dumbarton for the Square Peg Spirits Company, Square Peg Gin lives up to its name.  Challenging and innovative and not quite what you might expect of a pink gin.

So, what’s the verdict?  We tried this dreamy pink spirit combined with a premium tonic, lots of ice and garnished with a few Scottish raspberries.  The juniper flavour is definitely not lost in the sweetness of the berries, which are evident, but not overpowering.  There is also a warmth in the flavour, but all in all, we found it an incredible refreshing G&T, enjoyed on a hot summer’s day.

You can pick up a bottle online at Master of Malt or follow Square Peg Spirits on Social media for all stockists.

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