Crafty Distillery produce unique Beast from the East Gin

The crafty beggars at Crafty Distillery who have brought us Hills and Harbour gin discovered a unique way to make the best of The Beast From The East.

No, they weren’t just out with their sledges, they collected the actual Dumfries and Galloway snow and distilled a limited edition gin from it!

Graham Taylor, managing director said, “We’ve given the ‘Beast from the East’ a warm welcome at Crafty Distillery and infused our Hills & Harbour Gin with freshly deposited snow from right outside the distillery. “This one of a kind gin has been chill filtered and diluted to 40 percent with ‘Beast from the East’ blizzard-grade white stuff. This subzero special edition frosted bottle is the only one in existence, and is bound to give your taste buds a blast … a Siberian one.”
If you’re quick, you can head over to their Facebook page to win a bottle from yourself.

Utterly Ginius!

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