1881 Distillery launches new gift set

When we had Rafters Gin from 1881 Distillery as our Featured Gin recently, we learned a bit about all the gins produced in the Peebles Hydro distillery. They all sound great, so how do you choose? well, now you don’t have to because they have launched a new gift set which offers the chance to try each of the four gins in its core collection.

1881 Distillery has created the gift set in both 5cl and 20cl sizes, priced from £18 and available to purchase through its website.

The gift set comprises its signature Hydro Gin, Honours Gin, Pavilion Gin and Rafters Gin, enabling gin lovers to try them all.

The set comes in a specially designed gift box with each side of the box dedicated to one of the four gins.

Charlie Leckie, 1881 Brand Manager, said: “We are excited to add this great product to our collection.

“Customers often comment that it is difficult to choose which one to buy so this is a fantastic introduction to each gin.”

Hydro Gin (40% ABV) is a blend of 12 botanicals. The onsite Shieldgreen spring provides a sustainable source of rejuvenation and the inspiration for the flagship London Dry Gin.

Pavilion Gin (40% ABV) is a blend of 15 botanicals creating Borders berry and hibiscus infused gin. Inspired by the Victorian Pavilion at Peebles Hydro and its connection to tennis as the Pavilion once overlooked more tennis courts than Wimbledon.

Rafters Gin (40% ABV) is a blend of 12 botanicals infused with Oka Oak smoked water. This subtly smoked revival gin is inspired by the resolve of the community after the inferno which engulfed Peebles Hydro in the summer of 1905 before being rebuilt. 

Honours Gin (57% ABV) is a blend of 12 botanicals. This navy strength gin is named in honour of those injured during WWII, a time when Peebles Hydro served as a military hospital. The heritage of hospitality is preserved in waves of Citrus and Cardamom.

For more information on the award-winning 1881 Distillery, located within Peebles Hydro Hotel and resort, visit https://www.1881distillery.com/.

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