When is a gin bottle not a gin bottle?

We just love to re-use. And when it comes to our precious Scottish Gin bottles, we’re always looking for ways to recycle them around the house. So fabulous news if you adore the brilliantly gallus Glasgow Gin bottles (and let’s face it – they’re awesome!).

So all you need to do to become an upcycling superstar is buy a bottle of Glasgow Gin direct from their website, and in your package, you’ll not only get some amazing Scottish Gin, but you’ll also bag a free black bottle pump!

We’re pumped about this because we’ll not only get the gin to enjoy but get the best use out of these beautiful gin bottles- to reuse and refill them with whatever you can think of. Shampoo, soap, washing up liquid, hand sanitiser, sauce… well, you get the idea.

Check out their website and treat yourself to a gin bottle and a pumping good freebie!

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