Enjoy a gin on a school night? This one’s for you!

Okay, hands up who sometimes enjoys a gin or two on on a ‘school night’. Yes, we thought so. Whether it’s a sunny evening, a special occasion or just a treat at the end of a hard day, we think gin isn’t just for the weekends.

The team at NB Distillery in North Berwick agree and they have created a gin especially for those mid-week tipples, aptly named ‘School Night’. It’s a limited-edition low alcohol gin, so you don’t have to say no on a school night – instead, you can go low!

NB’s limited edition ‘School Night’, is a low alcohol-based spirit at 21% abv but that tastes every bit as delicious as their award-winning worlds best London Dry Gin, but with 50% less alcohol.

And in line with the distillery’s great sustainability credentials, the packaging is made from 94% recycled paperboard.

“We all have some creases and our perfectly imperfect bottle is no different. Due to the completely sustainable nature of the bottle, some creases may remain but we trust that you’ll still love School Night in all its unique glory, with its sustainable heart, smooth texture and fresh flavour. Plus, you’ll definitely get an A* from Mother Nature!”

School night is available from the NB website from 31 May and you can pre-order your bottle now. But, the distillery ask that you please adhere to the School Rules whilst enjoying!

You must not run down the corridor to pour a School Night
You must at all times have a School Night in your favourite glass
You must not loiter around the School Night bottle whilst drinking
You must always be kind and considerate and share School Night with others

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