Juniper Gin Festival is back! (hopefully)

The team at Scottish Gin HQ have been to our fair share of gin festivals and events over the years and while (of course) we don’t have favourites, we always look forward to the Juniper Gin Festivals at Edinburgh’s Summerhall.

So we’re stupidly excited by the news that it might just be happening again this year! If things keep going as well as they are (fingers crossed) Jamie and the team at Juniper Festivals hope to hold the event in October.

Of course, it’s still early days, but if you want something to look forward to, you can put a deposit down now – £5 will secure your ticket and you’ll get this off your ticket price when they go on sale. If for any reason it can’t happen, you’ll get your fiver back in the form of a box of two gins from their Lucky White Heather gin club worth £10. You can learn more about Lucky White Heather and their excellent gin subscription service here.

So it’s win/win the way we see it! Of course, all the necessary restrictions will be in place, but the spirit of the Juniper Festival will be the same! What are you waiting for? Visit their website to find out more and get your deposit in, then pour a G&T and sit back and dream of better days to come!

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