HRAFN Gin launches in Canada

It’s great to see a wonderful Scottish Gin brand doing so well this year! So we’re delighted to share the news that the multi-award winning Scottish gin maker, Raven Spirits Limited, has launched its HRAFN GIN brand in Canada.

The company’s first Canadian shipment of pallets to British Columbia is part of its ongoing efforts to increase the brand’s international reach.  This is Raven Spirits’ second export market entry, having already successfully launched its range of HRAFN GINs in the Far East in 2019.

Co-founders, Callum and Peter Sim are the brothers behind the creation of the HRAFN GIN Brand, which is distilled and bottled in Banchory, Aberdeenshire.

HRAFN GIN, takes its name from the Old Norse word for Raven and is based on the two mythological Ravens of the Norse God, Odin: ‘Huginn’ and ‘Muninn’. Raven Spirits first launched its London Dry gins in May 2018, of which the range is characterised by its whisky-inspired smoothness and long finish, together with a citrus hint of mandarin.

There are currently three expressions: ‘Thought & Memory’ (translation of “Huginn” and “Muninn”) at 45% ABV, Raven Spirits’ signature gin; ‘Valhalla’, its ultra-premium offering at 49% ABV; and ‘Winter’ its festive seasonal release at 43% ABV. 

All three gins have achieved success with multiple international spirits’ awards, and all are gold medal winners.

Of the export shipment, Managing Director, Callum said “I’m both delighted and proud to see this first shipment of HRAFN GIN heading to Canada. In truth, it’s a couple of years ahead of our original development plan but, over the past 12 months, we’ve just embraced the opportunities, while meeting 2020’s challenges, to enter Canada earlier.

HRAFN GIN is being introduced to Canada through Vancouver in British Columbia and, as it becomes established, will be launched into other provinces, next of which the brothers have targeted Ontario.

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