Stunning new Ize Gin is a collaboration between Deerness Distillery and Gin Up

Summer may be fading, but unpack those sunglasses, because we’re about to introduce you to one seriously colourful gin!

Ize Gin a new Scottish Gin created by Gin Up Ltd in partnership with Deerness Distillery. The word IZE meaning to create, to form to become, and the team wanted to create a Gin that was versatile but yet retained all the qualities of a Premium Gin.

But what stands out to us initially is the fun and colour of this gin, although we’re assured that it also stands out in terms of quality (this was the sole reason for the partnership with award-winning Deerness Distillery).

 So, once the botanicals were selected and with their Director being a former Chef in London’s East end, they created a recipe that encapsulated his travels in Asia and the many flavours enjoyed in his cooking, Kafir lime, lemongrass, sweet pink peppercorns combined with Fennel tarragon and juniper make for a very enjoyable elegant Gin, that can be paired with many dishes and desserts and also garnishes and tonics.

We can’t wait to try this amazing looking gin and, knowing it comes from the awesome Deerness Distillery, we know we’ll be blown away. Visit their webiste to learn more (sunglasses ready!).

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