New Wild Gorse Tincture launched from Isle of Harris Distillers

Looking for something new and exciting to liven up your Isle of Harris G&T? Well, check this out. Isle of Harris Distillers is thrilled to announce the launch of a limited, small-batch offering from its experimental apothecary drinks range; the Wild Gorse Tincture.

Isle of Harris Distillers has collaborated once again with local apothecary, Amanda Saurin. Hand-picking fragrant gorse leaves from the village of Rodel, south of the island, Amanda has combined their honeyed sweetness with the complexity of hawthorn and nettle, before lifting the final tincture with lemon. Described as ‘Capturing a seasonal summer moment in time’.

Wild Gorse tincture

Together, in carefully tested proportions, they combine to create the new Harris Wild Gorse Tincture and provide another unusual way to explore the delights of Isle of Harris Gin.

“I spent a lot of time musing on what was needed from this tincture at this unusual time. There has been so much fear and heartbreak in recent months. So, I decided to look at plants which have a long history of protection and strength,” said Amanda.

Once used as a traditional herbal treatment for illnesses like jaundice and scarlet fever, gorse’s essence is also believed to be a bringer of joy and light, with a particular affinity for uplifting the heart.

As with the brand’s Sugar Kelp Aromatic Water and sell-out batches of Harris Wild Rose Tincture which was released earlier this year, how you use it is up to your personal preference. Add a few drops to your Harris G&T to bring a taste of island summer to your glass, use as a rinse to create a fragrant Martini, or go long with a small splash in a highball serve.

“Although intended to bring another dimension of flavour, I also hope it adds a few drops of love, peace and support from our little island to all the people with whom we connect. Failing that, it simply tastes bloody good,” Amanda adds.

The new Harris Wild Gorse Tincture is available to buy now for £20 at, while stocks last.

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