New Navy Strength Gin from Pentland Hills

It’s been an exciting time at Pentland Hills Gin as the lovely dog Panza got in touch to let us know that they’re launching their new Navy Strength Gin.

What exactly is Navy Strength Gin? It’s any gin distilled over 57.15% abv – and Royal Navy ships of the line in olden days carried large quantities of gin to provide ‘grog’ for the sailors. It was essential that if the gin ever spilt and ran into the gunpowder that the powder would still fire if needed in the ship’s cannons. They figured out that anything over 57% abv would always go ‘bang’ if lit – thus the term gun powder or Navy gin was born!

Pentland Hills Navy Gin is now available, and has been tested and tasted by friends and family over the past 6 months (though not by Panza, we are assured). The gin retains all of the wonderful flavours that you enjoy with their original gin, what you will also taste is a slightly fuller flavour which is remarkably smooth.

And it sounds amazing, Paul Jackson, Editor and Head Judge from The Gin Guide tasted it and here’s what he said:

“Pentland Hills Navy Strength delivers all the benefits of a high ABV spirit but without the downsides that so often accompany them. The extent of the ABV is not given away on the nose and there’s not a harshness from the alcohol to uncover it either, rather the silky mouthfeel is the real giveaway – it is sumptuously smooth and full-bodied in a way that only a Navy Strength Gin could be.

When neat or with a drop of water it is the earthier notes and spice that are prominent on the palate before the flavours journey into a finish of citrus fruits and herbal notes of mint. Then with a dash of tonic the vibrant citrus and cardamom flavours are elevated and deliver excellent balance with the earthiness and spice.

This is a gorgeous gin in its own right and it is made even more pleasing by the subtle characteristics, especially in the finish, that connect it with Tarbraxus Distillers’ original Pentland Hills Gin.”

We just had to include a picture of Panza! But there’s more good news from Pentland Hills Gin – they have also launched a refillable bottle – a bottle for life! You simply return your bottle to them and they will refill it with their original or navy strength gin – saving you money and saving packaging. They call it the ‘Multi-Role Gin Bottle’ in honour of the Royal Air Force’s Tornado fighter which was originally called the Multi Role Combat Aircraft.

Visit their website to find out more.

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