More Gold Medals for Raven Spirits Ltd’s HRAFN Gin

We love a bit of good news, especially when it concerns one of the amazing Scottish Gin brands out. there. So we’re delighted to share the news that Raven Spirits Limited, Aberdeenshire’s award-winning gin company, are again raising a glass (or two) after achieving an additional two gold medals at this year’s International Gin Masters.

These prestigious awards from The Spirits Business aim to discover the best gin brands of the year.  Raven Spirits Limited has been recognised for its HRAFN GIN ‘Thought & Memory’ with a Gold Medal in the Ultra-Premium category.  Its seasonal HRAFN GIN ‘Winter’ edition was successful in the Contemporary category taking a second gold medal.

Callum Sim, Managing Director and co-founder of Raven Spirits Limited said: 

“This is yet another amazing achievement for our young brand and I am personally delighted to see these Ravens flying high.  I am grateful to the judges, as experts in the field, for these awards, which gives me great confidence in our endeavours to continue to produce gins of great quality.

The awards mark the first time HRAFN GIN ‘Winter’ has been tested in an international arena. Achieving the gold medal is a personal triumph for Callum’s brother, Peter, Operations Director and co-founder:

“The Gold Medal for ‘Winter’ is very special to me, this was an expression born from a flash of inspiration.  This gin, infused with Frankincense and Myrrh, has now been joined  by ‘Gold’, bestowed on it by the International Gin Masters.  Perfect …”

HRAFN GIN ‘Thought & Memory’ is available now from with free P&P within the UK and HRAFN GIN ‘Winter’ on its seasonal release in November.  The HRAFN GIN range is now represented in Asia and soon to be launched in North America.

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