Reflections on where we are – Old Curiosity Distillery

The latest feature in our series where we check in on some of the Scottish Gin producers to see how they have been faring during these difficult times is The Old Curosity Distillery, where they produce their range of Secret Garden Gins. Here is what owner, Hamish has to say: 

How has the Coronavirus crisis impacted your business so far?

Hugely sales have fallen by about 60%!

What changes have you had to make to adapt to ‘the new normal’?

Like everyone else we made hand sanitisers we did the WHO formulae but as a herbalist we also produced some herbal hand sanitisers; a lavender and Thyme and a Lemon and Tea Tree using the active antimicrobial components in the plants to make the sanitiser feel better and smell wonderful!-

What positives/upsides do you see in these weird times?

We are selling our herbs and botanics by contactless collection, releasing our hone, new range of teas and doing a lot of NPD work-

How’s life at home?

I have personally loved it as I have been working full-time back in the garden and has allowed me to reconnect to why I started this whole journey – we live on site at the Secret herb Garden a 7.5 acres herb nursery where we grow our own botanics for the gins, teas etc I love being with the plants.

What are your hopes and plans for the next few months?

I personally am stating in the garden and have restructured the business to allow me to be back in full-time.

And the coming year?  

A crystal ball for this situation is impossible – I am a great believer though challenges are here to be accepted, respected and used as an opportunity to grow – so we intend to keep growing and learn all the time.

How do you think this will affect the Scottish Gin industry as a whole?

I couldn’t say, I know we have all struggled but we don’t know just yet!

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