Reflections on where we are: Loch Ness Spirits

As we have progressed through our series of reflections from our friends in the Scottish Gin industry, it’s clear that no business has come through unscathed, however, we’re always impressed with the positivity, resilience and good humour people are showing. A great example of this is Lorien Cameron-Ross from Loch Ness Gin, here, she tells us about her plans and hopes for the future:

How has the Coronavirus crisis impacted your business so far? 

We closed the office as soon as the lockdown was called. Both our staff are furloughed and I am keeping the online orders and essential admin ticking over. I have returned to the NHS full time (and the rest) to make sure we support the healthcare of the community as best as able. We are making hand sanitizer for local frontline workers and this is being donated rather than sold currently.

What changes have you had to make to adapt to ‘the new normal’? 

See above. Our export plans have frozen, our retailers have closed, our wholesalers are not placing order, visitors are not coming to the distillery.-

What positives/upsides do you see in these weird times? 

More time at home (most of my NHS work as a clinical director is done virtually), beautiful weather and Loch Ness as our backdrop makes lockdown no hardship.

How’s life at home? 

We are blessed to have space and beautiful views so the family in the house are living harmoniously as we aren’t on top of each other! We are missing seeing the rest of the family.

What are your hopes and plans for the next few months?

 To get back into production and sales of our spirits

And the coming year?

 To get back into our export plans and also the visitor experience we were looking to expand at the distillery.

How do you think this will affect the Scottish Gin industry as a whole? 

I imagine some will weather the storm, some will pivot, innovate and flourish and sadly some will fail.

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