Mother’s Day wishes

For all of us, this Mother’s Day is going to be quite different from any we’ve experienced before. Many of us may be forced to be away from our mums and families, and we might feel like there is little cause for celebration.

But mums are still amazing and deserve to be celebrated – now more than ever. At The Scottish Gin Society, we want to send out a heartfelt wish to all the wonderful mummies out there that you have a great Mother’s Day, whatever your circumstances this year.

It may not be a perfect year, but we thought we’d ask a few mums how they would ideally like to spend Mother’s Day – and (of course) what kind of gin they’d like to celebrate with. Here’s what they said:

Jo Jo Frazer (

Jo Jo says:

“I love Edinburgh gin the seaside one with a nice tonic and the ideal place is curled up by my new amazing fire with family or watching a beautiful sunset xx “

Jo Middleton @slummysinglemummy

Jo says:

There are so many Scottish gins it’s almost impossible to pick a favourite! I am a big fan of Hendricks with a nice bit of smashed cucumber n the bottom but I think if I was taking a bottle of gin to a desert island it would be Gordons. It might seem like a bit of a traditional choice given just how much diversity there is nowadays in the gin market but it was what my Gran always drank- daily! – and it has such fond memories for me of her.

My ideal place to enjoy a gin would be anywhere at all as long is it was surrounded by family and friends. There’s nothing like a bit of social distancing to make you realise just how important it is to have the people you love in your life.

Aly Higgins (Brand Ambassador, The Scottish Gin Society)

Aly says:

“As it’s a special day, I may knock up one of my favourite cocktails – a classic gimlet, and hey it’s got added vitamin C.

Ideally, I’d love to drink it anywhere near the sea, so somewhere looking out to the waves would be my ideal setting.”

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