Coronavirus and the effect on the Scottish Gin community

This is a very different type of article for us to bring to you, but then we are living in a very different moment in time and we understand all our followers will be feeling confused, scared and uncertain, so we wanted to take a moment to address this.

All our day-to-day lives will be affected by the Coronavirus outbreak, whether directly or not, many of us have already had to cancel plans, change our working arrangements and plan for the care of children and older loved ones. As people, we are very much all in this together (even though we’re staying apart).

The Scottish Gin Society is an online community of gin lovers and as such, we feel 100% committed to continuing to bring you news about all the wonderful gins Scotland produces for two important reasons:

Supporting small distilleries

You have probably heard calls to help support small businesses at this time. While big corporations should be able to cope with the potential disruption Coronavirus will inevitably bring, the changes could have a devastating effect on the hard-working gin distilleries and brands. While we don’t have a clear picture of what the future brings, we think people will still want to buy gin (perhaps now more than ever), and if possible, we should try to buy this directly from the distillery’s website in order to support their sales.

The Scottish Gin community is truly amazing, we have already seen many messages of support among gin producers, and some distilleries are producing hand sanitiser/alcohol rub made and distributed to those in the community who need it most.

Our continued work will have the aim of helping all these wonderful people in the Scottish Gin industry to continue to promote their products and hopefully help them weather this storm.

Supporting our community

As we’ve already said, things are going to change for us all. At the Scottish Gin Society, we’re keeping a positive outlook and hoping these will be short-term changes and things will get back to normal in time.

However, in the meantime, many of us will be staying at home for an extended period. Most planned events have or will be cancelled and we will be distancing ourselves from friends and family.

For this reason, we will continue to share interesting and fun content with the aim of helping us through this crisis together and keeping all our spirits up!

However, in the current situation, we anticipate news of new gins and events will be slow, but we will be sharing content from the gin producers who really need the additional exposure at this time.

Thanks for your continued support, we wish our entire Scottish Gin community all the best and are here to support any of you should you need it.

The Scottish Gin Society Team: Stephen, Aly and Julie.

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