Filled with wonder at the new Edinburgh Gin ad

Imagine getting a bottle of Edinburgh Gin Rhubarb and Ginger Gin through the post as a complete surprise! Brilliant. Then imagine realising it’s locked in a gin-safe and you need to figure out the combination to get to it!

That is what happened to us this week when the lovely team at Edinburgh Gin sent us their beautifully frustrating gin safe.

The instructions were clear – we were to watch their new TV ad and use the clues to crack the code. We just had to wait…

But the waiting is over and their wonderous new TV ad has been launched. It’s full of dancing, meteors and a giant rhubarb forest growing in Edinburgh. The ad also showcases the full range of Edinburgh Gin flavours.

It really got us moving and of course, gave us the clues we needed to crack the gin safe! You can view the new ad here and prepare to be filled with wonder!

Can you crack the code?

Thank you to Edinburgh Gin for the fantastic surprise – we’ll let you know when we try the gin.

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