Excitement at the launch of new Sutors Gin

We are absolutely delighted to report that a brand new gin from Tain – Sutors Gin – has finally come on to the market. Why are we so excited? Well, it has been a long journey for the team!

We first spoke to Stuart Wells back in August 2017 and discussed the plans to launch Sutors Gin – an expression of their stunning Highland surroundings. 2 years on and after a lot of perfecting, it is ready and the public can try it for the first time.

What makes Sutors Gin really special is that it’s a true ‘field to bottle’ process. They grow their own grain to distil the base spirit that the gin is made from. Added to that, they hand forage the ingredients from an incredible natural botanical larder on their doorstep, including juniper and a natural water source.

Stuart tells us:

Sutors Gin was originally conceived as a birthday present that got a little out of hand. Since then we have been determined to create a distillery that performs all operations on a single site. If you drink a bottle of Sutors Gin then you can be confident that we use Highland Juniper, in fact all our botanicals are Highland. The grain used to create our spirit is local and hand malted onsite, then mashed, fermented and, finally distilled at a true Highland distillery. Sutors, after all, is The Highlands Distilled.

So, after all this time – what can we expect of Sutors Gin? The key botanicals are juniper, bog myrtle and sea buckthorn. The care and attention that goes into every element of the production tells us that this will be a very special Highland Gin, which we can’t wait to try.

Sutors Gin costs £38 for 70cl and is available to buy here.

Please enjoy Scottish Gin responsibly.

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