56 North launches South Loch Gin

56 North is well-known to gin lovers in Edinburgh as one of the best gin bars, stocking an eye-watering selection of gins from Scotland and around the world, running regular tastings, masterclasses and a fabulous Scottish Gin garden.

For the last year or so, visitors to 56 North will have noticed the large copper still that has taken up residence in the corner of the bar. Owner James Sutherland and his team have been using it to experiment with numerous expressions of gin, the best of which have been offered on sale in the bar. They worked alongside with Lindsay Blair, an experienced distiller, formerly of Daffy’s GIn and Heriot-Watt IBD graduated to continue to refine their perfect recipe.

However, the exciting news is that after all that experimenting, they’ve found something they’re very happy with and are producing their own brand of gin – named South Loch Gin – that’s available in 2 expressions: Citrus and Lime Flower and Black Raspberry Old Tom.

The name South Loch comes from the locality of the bar – just across the road, you will find Edinburgh’s famous Meadows. The Meadows was once called South Loch and until 1621, was a provider of much of Edinburgh’s drinking water and water for the local breweries and distilleries. Perfect!

The signature gin is the Citrus and Lime flower. This is created using fresh citrus combined with classic gin botanicals and it makes for a refreshing gin and tonic.  Distilled and bottled by hand in batches of small batches at 56 North.  The key botanicals include – Juniper, Oris Root, fresh Lemon peels, fresh Lime peels, air-dried orange peel, Ginger, Cardamom, Lime flower, Kafir Lime.

South Loch’s Old Tom Gin is distilled with a traditional hit of juniper and it is naturally sweetened with Scottish black and red raspberries that make for a modern take on Old Tom Gin.

South Loch Gins are available to buy online, or by click and collect from 56 North. Visit their website to order.

Please enjoy Scottish Gin responsibly.

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