Limited release of new Loch Ness Sloe Gin

With sloe berries that grow around the borders of their land, The team at Loch Ness Distillery have created a limited batch of sloe gin as part of their experimental series.

They harvested the sole berries last year and have been macerating them for months to ensure they get all of the flavour out and into this new premium gin.

Then they added a unique Loch Ness twist by blending in some of the tincture, made with the flowers of the plant, that blossomed in May this year. 

The result is a very limited edition bottling (only 100 bottles available this year to buy!) that will be perfect for the winter months.

Loch Ness Spirits suggest you try their Loch Ness Sloe Gin neat, but it also works perfectly as a long drink or in a cocktail.

You can get a bottle here for £19.99 for 50cl

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