Kintyre launches new ‘Tarbert Legbiter’ Navy Strength Gin

Kintyre Gin released a navy strength gin a while back to members of the Kintyre Gin Club, and it was so well received, they decided to release it as a new addition to their core range.

The original limited edition ‘strong and spicy’ was an instant hit (we even heard tales of a stand-off between two friends over the last bottle), but the team at Kintyre decided a rebrand was needed and they gave the new release the name ‘Tarbert Legbiter’ – so, what’s that all about?

According to the Kintyre Gin team, the name is the stuff of local legends:

We named our navy strength spirit after a Kintyre Legend – Magnus Barelegs, King of Norway in 1093, who claimed Kintyre as his own by circumnavigating the peninsula. He refused to let the isthmus at Tarbert ruin his plan – he simply had his boat dragged across and declared Kintyre an island. Legbiter was the name of his sword and is a fitting moniker for our navy strength gin.

Bottled at 57% ABV this navy strength gin is Distilled with hibiscus flower and pink peppercorns, it is sweet and light on the palette with a floral midsection and a dry, lingering spice finish.

You can get your hands on a bottle of Tarbert Legbiter from the Kintyre Gin online shop for £32.

Please enjoy Scottish Gin responsibly.

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