Expansion plans for Linlithgow Distillery

Big things are happening at Linlithgow Distillery, where founders Alyson and Ross Jamieson have received a grant from Business Gateway West Lothian, meaning they can fulfil their dream of a bigger and better distillery!

The new distillery site will be twice the size and will mean they will be able to host gin tastings and distillery tours in the future.

On top of their signature LinGin, Linlithgow Distillery has recently launched the Four Marys range of flavoured gins, inspired by the four ladies-in-waiting to Mary, Queen of Scots, with links to Linlithgow Palace.

We have already seen Four Marys Zesty Sherbet, Four Marys Bonny Bramble and Four Marys Forever Fresh, however, the final bottling, Four Marys Subtly Spiced, is set to launch at the end of this month – and we’re very excited!

Alyson Jamieson said: “The success of LinGin and the great feedback we’re receiving on our Four Marys gins has been fantastic.

“Demand has grown quite literally by the month as word spread. Orders increased and the realisation that we really had created something quite special became apparent.

We’re absolutely delighted with this news and wish Aly, Ross and all the team at Linlithgow Dstillery the best of luck in their new home, we will be sure to visit soon!

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