A perfect pairing – Isle of Skye Distillers

For a very special post in our Valentine’s Day ‘Perfect Pairing, we feature a true ‘Bro-mance’ with brothers, Thomas and Alistair Wilson. The pair were raised on Skye, a setting that gave them the passion and enthusiasm to set up the Isle of Skye’s very first gin distillery. Isle of Skye Distillery produces Misty Isle Gin and Tommy’s Gin – both gins crafted and reflective of the brother’s love of the local landscape. They have also launched the Skye Gin School, where visitors can enjoy a 3-hour gin-making experience.

We think Thomas and Alistair really are a perfect pairing when it comes to gin production, but what have they go to say? We spoke to them to find out:

How did you meet?
T: “Our first memories of each other are quite different:
When mum brought Alistair home from the hospital, I got a new three-wheeled scooter from Nana and Papa so I wouldn’t be upset at all about the attention my new brother would get. It definitely worked, I loved that scooter!”
A: “For me, being slightly younger, I feel that Thomas has always been around – and always getting his own way! “
What started your gin journey together?
A: “I received a Secret Santa gift from work, back in 2015, which was a ‘Make your own Gin’ kit. I have to say it tasted awful but it got Thomas and I thinking about what we could create ourselves. After a lot of hard work and sleepless nights, Misty Isle Gin was launched in 2017”
What’s the best thing about working together?
T: “Nothing – we argue a lot as I’m always right and Alistair is always wrong…”
A: “It’s great, I let Thomas think he’s right, but he never is…”
T “Seriously – the best thing is that we are family and we do agree on the same goals, to produce quality spirits on the Isle of Skye and to build a business that promotes all that our beautiful Isle has to offer – and of course to pass on something amazing to our children”
What are your plans for valentines day and beyond?
T: “A wee break from distilling – dinner and gin, what else!”
A: “Beyond that is a bit of a secret…but watch this space”

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