Drinks from new Port of Leith Distillery launched

The Scottish Gin Society was delighted to be at the launch of the new gin and sherry from the upcoming £10 million Port of Leith Distillery. Despite the fact that the new distillery itself is awaiting construction.

It is set to be Scotland’s first ever vertical distillery, a landmark new tourist attraction, with a bold design and panoramic views over Edinburgh, Leith and the harbour.  With finance and planning permission now secured, work will begin on the project in Spring 2019, with an opening date in Autumn 2020.

The distillery is producing the new Lind & Lime Gin (which was available to try at the launch event and is amazing) as well as a sherry and, eventually whisky. The gin is currently being distilled in their temporary home, Tower Street Still, by Electric Spirit Co. distiller, James Porteous, making it Scotland’s first community-distilled gin.

Named after Edinburgh’s Dr James Lind, a hero of the Scottish Enlightenment, who observed that citrus fruits prevented scurvy in the world’s first recorded clinical trial, Lind & Lime Gin combines flavours of lime and pink peppercorn.  With a base spirit at 96% ABV, the gin has been distilled with seven carefully curated botanicals that come together in a delicate harmony.

Designed in a distinctive wine bottle shape, Lind & Lime Gin harks back to Leith’s past as a trading harbour for wines, sherries and ports, which were the most valuable commodities to pass through the docks from the 14th century onwards.  Traditionally wines and spirits were transported in barrels, before being bottled in Leith. This remarkable local industrial heritage has inspired the choice of a wine bottle shape.

Ian Stirling, co-founder of Port of Leith Distillery said:

“We’ve thrown our full and unbridled energy into creating a gin forged entirely from the talent, heritage and industry of Edinburgh and its historic distilling district of Leith. In everything that we produce, our watchword is ‘balance’ and the recipe of seven botanicals has worked in harmony to create something really special.”

In addition to Lind & Lime Gin, Port of Leith Distillery has launched a sherry sourced from Bodegas Baron in Cadiz, Andalucía. Port of Leith Distillery Sherry is a refreshing style of Oloroso, with zingy citrus notes, dried fruit, and a beautiful array of nutty flavours. It’s delicious served at room temperature with a plate of charcuterie, roast almonds, or chilled on a hot summer’s evening.

We were incredibly excited by the presentation given by the Port of Leith Distillery team on their plans and look forward eagerly to the new distillery construction.  In the meantime, we will be getting ourselves a bottle of Lind & Lime Gin and will publish a review for you shortly.

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