A 100% Scottish Gin launches from Crafty Distillery

The clever team at Crafty Distillery, producers of Hills & Harbour Gin, are bringing us Scotland’s newest 100% Scottish Gin, made from scratch. They say they went all out to bring you something truly unique when creating Galloway Gin.

Every aspect of this process has been taken to the extreme. From crafting spirit from local grain, foraging for botanicals, taking the time to balance flavours, hand foiled labels, single batch etching, and bottle fulfilment – dozens of people and hundreds of hours later we bring you just 250 bottles of some very special gin.

Each limited edition set (there are only 250 bottles being produced) includes a fantastic branded vessel, a 500ml bottle of Galloway Gin and a hand-etched glass in which to savour this truly unique Scottish Gin., Oh how we want to get our hands on one of these!

So, what is it that makes Galloway 100% Scottish?

Everything they do. They take local wheat and water – mill it, mash it, ferment it and distil it 100% in Crafty Distillery. The botanicals are foraged exclusively in Galloway’s local forests, hedgerows and coast to distil the true essence of the region.

With sweet & sour brambles, notes of bitter juniper and hints of salty savouriness from samphire & sea aster, we create balance & vibrancy.

Truly handcrafted

A gin that is this special needs to look amazing, so the team really took the time to hand-craft every single element of the stunning packaging. Every label was foiled, embossed and applied by hand. The glasses were individually etched by a local craftsman, and finally, every element was fulfilled and made ready by hand.

To get your hands on this truly unique gin, head to their website shop or pay a visit to the Crafty distillery (also highly recommended by us).

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