New Harfin Winter Edition released from Raven Spirits

Here’s some exciting news to brighten up your winter. The team that brought us the award-winning RAVEN GIN ‘Thought & Memory’ have released a brand new gin.

Raven Spirits new HRAFN GIN (pronounced Ra-vn meaning RAVEN in Old Norse) ‘Winter Edition’ is a celebration of the season that brings together the festive taste of mandarin and soft cinnamon spice.

And if that’s not enough to have you rushing out to buy a bottle, ‘Winter Edition’ is also infused with the rarest Royal Green Hojari Frankincense from Dhofar and pure Omani Myrrh. After four weeks of blending, this new elixir is bottled and hallmarked with a regal purple and gold label.

Raven Spirits have given us these tasting notes to whet our appetite:


  • Nose: Lemon, Sweet Mandarin, Powdered Spice
  • Taste: Juniper, Violet, Rose, Oud, Spice, Mandarin
  • Finish: Soft, Long, Beguiling


  • Nose: Lemon, Sweet Mandarin, Powdered Spice
  • Taste: Juniper, Sweet Violet & Rose, Spiced Wood, Mandarin
  • Finish:Soft, Sweet, Seductive


  • 50ml HRAFN GIN ‘Winter Edition’
  • 50ml Fever-Tree Light Tonic
  • Over ice with a garnish of lemon peel or pomegranate

Or try one of these colourful cocktails:

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