Darnley’s Hot Spiced Gin Punch

Continuing our series of warming autumn cocktails, we just had to share this with you.  At a recent gin festival, we were lucky enough to get a sample of this hot gin punch, made with Darnley’s Spiced Gin and were so impressed, we instantly bought a bottle.

Although it’s a distinctly festive punch, we think this would be perfect to serve at your chilly bonfire night celebrations – take a look at the recipe and make a bowl yourself – don’t forget to share!

(serves 8)

200ml Darnley’s Spiced Gin
350ml Cloudy Apple Juice
500ml Ginger Beer
25g Demerara Sugar
1 cinnamon stick
50ml lime juice
Apple slices


Heat all the ingredients apart from the gin in
a pan for 5 minutes. Add the gin, mix, strain and serve with an apple slice.

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