The ideal Tonic & Gin from Just The Tonic

As International Gin and Tonic day grows closer, we bring you the next in our series of perfect G&T serves from Scottish Tonic producers.  We chatted to the team at the newest Scottish Tonic water – Just The Tonic, a clean, crisp and no-nonsense tonic water that’s proudly made in Scotland.

Hhere’s what they had to say:

Describe your perfect G&T for us
“Our belief is the simpler the better to ensure the gin can sing. We have deliberately made a very clean, no-nonsense tonic water to allow our drinkers to easily pick up on the idiosyncrasies of their chosen gin.

“We like to serve it in rock glass with big chunks of ice, a 50ml pour of your favourite gin, a slice of pink grapefruit (not squeezed) then approx 100ml of “Just The Tonic” poured over. The best part, one bottle can serve two!”

What’s the ideal Scottish Gin to go with your tonic and what garnish?

“We have many and it comes down to the occasion we are celebrating (usually the end of a working week). We tend to lean slightly more towards the saltier, sharper, (almost) savoury gins such as Harris Gin, Edinburgh Gin Seaside and Rock Rose.”

And what’s the perfect occasion for your G&T?
“It all goes back to the occasion. On a warm summers evening, you cannot beat sitting in one of the city’s upbeat “gin” gardens with a bustling group of friends but there is a lot to be said for wrapping up on the couch on a wintery night with a good box set and a lovely (big!) G&T to unwind with and reward yourself for surviving another bad weather day.”


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