Our ideal Tonic & Gin – with Bon Accord

In the run-up to International Gin & Tonic Day, The Scottish Gin Society decided to see what the creators of the Scottish tonics think makes a perfect Gin & Tonic… or should that be Tonic & Gin?

First off, we hear from the lovely folks at Bon Accord – whose iconic glass bottles were commonplace in many Scottish homes for over 100 years. Founded by the Robb family in Arbroath in 1903, Bon Accord delivered soft drinks and cordials direct to homes in crates all across Scotland. The re-launched business now offers a range of naturally sweetened soft drinks and mixers, including a tonic water with a clean crisp flavour, with just a hint of citrus and vanilla.

We asked them:

 What makes the perfect G&T?:
“For us, the perfect G&T is one where you can taste the gin’s characteristics, whilst also appreciating both the tonic and the garnish. Sometimes tonic can be too overpowering and we’ve had far too many G&T’s that are too sweet!

“In our mind, a G&T is meant to have that subtle bite of quinine in it, without being the main event. Of course, whatever the gin and tonic (as long as it’s Bon Accord Tonic of course…!!), it has to be cold, crisp and strong!”

So, what’s your ideal Scottish Gin to go with your tonic and what garnish?
“This is a hard question! There are so many great Scottish Gins out there; we really are fortunate to have such quality spirits made right here in Scotland.
“Knowing the people behind the gin is always interesting to us – you can almost see, sense and taste their personality and vibe within their products, so it’s really fun to have a tonic and mixer range which compliments so many gins.
“An absolutely delightful combination is Bon Accord Tonic and Edinburgh Gin 1670, garnished with basil. The 1670 Gin is a limited edition gin, made with plants from Edinburgh’s Royal Botanic Garden. It’s so fresh and so light; it has class written all over it. It’s elegant and smooth, it indulges your senses as you can almost hear the snap and smell the zest of the botanicals as they’re hand-picked from the Royal Garden.
“The Bon Accord Tonic is mellow, clean and crisp – designed to enhance the gin, not mask it. This pairing brings to life the small batch process of both products, allowing you to taste quality, as neither are mass produced.”

Why do they work so well together?
“The limited edition Edinburgh Gin has its roots back in 1670 and there’s something nice about the fact that it works so well with Bon Accord, that stems from 1903. The Royal Botanic Garden was originally established as a Physic garden, at a time when plants took their place at the forefront of scientific and medical research, and this gin is a nod to the pioneers who used this very Garden back in 1670 for their health-advancing endeavours.”
“Bon Accord was founded in 1903, bringing soft drinks to the nation’s doorsteps – and now, a bit more in line with healthy living, Bon Accord is 100% naturally sweetened.

“The Bon Accord Tonic has less quinine in it, which is perfect for the delicate, botanical taste of Edinburgh Gin 1670, and the garnish is a simple basil leaf. It’s a delicious drink – you should try it for yourself and you’ll know what we’re talking about!”

And what’s the ideal occasion for you to enjoy your G&T?
“Of course, we love a G&T at the Bon Accord headquarters! It’s also a favourite first drink of the night, and a great ‘getting ready’ drink!”


Well, that’s one on our list to try – Bon Accord Tonic with Edinburgh Gin 1670, plenty of ice and garnished with a basil leaf.

Thanks to the team at Bon Accord for sharing this and these wonderful pictures of them at The Scottish Gin Society Bar at the Scottish Gin Awards enjoying a perfect Tonic & Gin!

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