Red Door Gin – a delight to the senses

Since it’s launch in sunny July, Red Door Gin has been receiving amazing reviews from gin-lovers and proving a popular decision for the team at Benromach Distillery to have made.

Having produced award-winning single malt whisky for years behind the red doors on Benromach Distillery, they decided to create a small-batch, handcrafted London Dry style gin. The skill and expertise of the distillery team are evident in their first gin product, aptly named Red Door Gin.

Before we get onto the gin itself, the packaging deserves a special mention.  We can’t remember the last time we received a gin that was such a delight to behold and unwrap.  A high quality embossed box with a sliding lid holds a stunning red bottle, wrapped like a precious treasure in colourful tissue.  The bottle even has a lovely little booklet around the neck that gives you more information about what you’re about to enjoy.

The stunning packaging of Red Door Gin

Red Door Gin is created using 8 botanicals that are vapour infused in Peggy – their copper pot still to create the 45% ABV spirit.  The botanicals that stand out to us are Sea Buckthorn (not actually from the sea, but a ‘superfood’ berry that grows in coastal regions), Bitter orange, Heather and Rowan Berries.

We tried the gin neat initially and got an immediate tang of bitter citrus with the juniper still definitely present, making way for an undernote of sweet, almost chocolatey delight.  Just. Wow.

Served in a G&T, Red Door is an instant favourite.  It is crisp and punchy, somehow pulling off the complex fusion of citrus, juniper, floral and sweetness in every more-ish mouthful.

If you want to try Red Door Gin for yourself (and we highly recommend that you do), it costs £30 and is available to buy from quality specialist UK retailers.

You also have the opportunity to peek behind the Red Door, as Benromach Distillery in Forres, as they have launched a visitor experience, telling the story of Red Door Gin and the personalities who craft it.  You will hear the story of Red Door Gin’s handmade copper still, ‘Peggy’, how the distillers create each batch of Red Door Gin and finally the secrets of creating “perfect serves”.

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