The Scottish Gin Society response to ASA ruling

The Scottish Gin Society fully expects extensive coverage of the ASA ruling over the coming days, so we wanted to issue a statement for our members and followers.
To be clear, as a not-for-profit organisation, who are not funded by distillers or producers we do not sell, or make money from, promoting Scottish Gin.
We have been founded on a love of Scottish Gin and that remains our key purpose and focus.
Many of the posts The ASA have selected are either re-posts of amusing memes or simply links to articles from external news or blog articles.
We did, and still do feel, that these should not fall under ASA remit and would also like to point out that no ‘ban’ has been enforced on us.
Importantly, we see this as a warning to other social or community Facebook pages, who, following this ruling, may also be at risk of negative rulings by the ASA.
We exist to promote and support the thriving Scottish Gin industry and the public who love it.
While we have a light-hearted and fun personality, we do not think gin has magical or medical qualities, nor would we ever condone irresponsible or unhealthy consumption. It was never our intention to upset or offend anyone.
We thank our followers for their continued support.

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