Colonsay Gin production comes home to island HQ

Production of Colonsay Gin by Wild Thyme Spirits has now commenced on the beautiful island of Colonsay and the company is proud to release their very first ‘Island Batch’  – Wild Thyme 909.

Fin and Eileen Geekie, founders of Wild Thyme Spirits, are delighted that the production of their Colonsay Gin to has now relocated to their HQ on the island.

Fin comments: “We are so excited to be bringing production home to the island. Our first year has flown by and this part of our plan has come around quicker than we could ever have imagined. We’re now looking forward to releasing our first island distilled batch and also employing our first islanders – a few extra pairs of hands will come in very useful”.

The husband and wife team relocated from Oxfordshire to their self-built home on the island in 2016 and after a successful launch in 2017, they spent their first year crafting small-batch Colonsay Gin with the help of Strathearn, distillery.

The business hopes that moving production to the island will help to create much needed local employment.  Wild Thyme Spirits have an exclusive agreement with the Colonsay Estate to hand-forage for botanicals on the island, meaning they have access to a huge array of local botanicals to help create future products with unmistakable Colonsay provenance.

The first ‘island batch’ has been named Wild Thyme 909 and is a limited edition bottling of their double international award winning Colonsay Gin. The inspiration for Wild Thyme Spirits is rooted in Colonsay’s dramatic landscape and its mythical Celtic folklore and the number also signifies the 909 years since the legendary Viking maiden, Alva (who features on their bottles), was marooned upon the island.

Colonsay Gin is a small batch London Dry style gin with a strong juniper backbone, and is distilled with seven botanicals; juniper, angelica root, calamus root, liquorice root, orange peel, orris root and coriander seeds.

Radio Clyde Awards 2016 © Simon Lees 

Fin and Eileen also offer a ‘Gin Lover’s Retreat’ weekend package which allows guests to unwind and enjoy all things gin whilst fully embracing the Colonsay island experience.

The package includes full board, cocktails on arrival, a formal gin tasting and access to the couple’s ever-growing collection of gins from around the world.

Find out more about the new Wild Thyme 909 batch and the Gin Lover’s retreat on their website.

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