Orkney Gin Company – Rhubarb Old Tom

The Orkney Gin Company is a small family run business, with Gary and Andrea [surname] at the helm. They are incredibly proud of their Orcadian roots and their products reflect this. The Orkney Gin Company gin is cold compound, or ‘bathtub’ which harks back to the historical name when makers would use a bathtub to infuse the spirit with botanicals.

The gin is produced in tiny micro-batches and Gary and Andrea carry out constant, meticulous sampling for quality. Once the perfect balance has been achieved, they blend, filter and bottle. They hand label each of these lovely ceramic bottles featuring the Orkney Selkie a mythical shapeshifter.

The process takes time, and they use the finest botanicals, some of which are found on the island, namely the rhubarb in the Rhubarb Old Tom.

This is a true taste of summer, the colour and density like that of a Sauternes and the gin can be enjoyed neat with some ice or mixed with ginger ale. It is quite sweet, but perfectly balanced with the spice from the cinnamon and the citrus from the orange coming through.

Rhubarb and ginger is a flavour combination that just works and makes this an exceptionally easy long drink to enjoy on a late summer’s evening.

Find out more and buy Orkney Gin from their website.

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