The Borders Distillery – a thing of beauty

The Three Stills Company has just opened The Borders Distillery in the heart of Hawick,

 the first established in the region since 1837. The Distillery is housed in a landmark building that not only blends the old and new; it also celebrates the industrial heritage of Hawick.

Provenance is incredibly important to the founders and it is encapsulated in everything they do, from their hand-crafted stills made in Scotland, to the locally sourced malted grain to make their spirit, to the builders that made their dream come alive, and the local textile artist that created their house tweed.

Production of their gin will start this month (May), in their bespoke Carter Head still, which is a sight to behold. My photos do not do this thing of beauty justice, you will have to go and visit and see for yourself. 

The gin will be made from their own malted spirit, which is mashed and fermented on site, making this gin one of a few like this on the market. There is a cloak of secrecy around the gin, but I have it on good authority that it pays homage to an accomplished son of Hawick.

Obviously, my passion is gin, but this distillery is quite incredible. The whisky stills are magnificent and regal looking, the building is an architectural triumph, and my favourite view is from a window in the Gallery bar that looks out over the courtyard to the guts of the distillery where the 4 whisky stills sit in all their glory.

Tours run from Monday to Saturday and include a tasting in the Gallery. The tour lasts 40-45 minutes and costs £12; private tours can be arranged.

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