Stirling Distillery

Cameron and June McCann have opened Stirling’s first legal distillery. It is housed in the historic building once known as The Old Smiddy on Lower Castlehill under the beautiful walls of Stirling Castle. Built in 1888, it began life as a church temperance hall, and legend tells it is believed to be the site where King James V stabled his horses in the 1500s.

During the extensive renovation process, Cameron and June have been careful to maintain the beautiful Victorian facade of the Old Smiddy. The re-birth of this beautiful building included installing a completely modern interior with state-of-the-art stills, bespoke windows & doors.

Stirling Gin was first distilled in October 2015, and production moved to the new Stirling Distillery, which sits in the Gothic shadow of Stirling Castle, at the foot of its historic walls in a building locally nicknamed Old Smiddy.  The team welcome visitors to the historic building, and whether it’s to experience a tour, do some gin shopping or just take a peek and enjoy the building, the welcome will be warm. They run a variety of daily activities from tasting tours, masterclasses and The Old Smiddy Gin School.


9 Lower Castlehill

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