Selkirk Distillers Ltd

Selkirk Distillers comprises of two couples from Selkirk who have been friends for many years. The idea behind producing their own gin came from: a genuine love of gin; the aspiration to be independent distillers within the thriving Scottish Gin Industry; belief in their local environment to provide the special ingredients that would help to produce something new and unique; and their ambition to see the Scottish Borders firmly placed on the map as a rich source for business and tourism.

Selkirk Distillery opened its doors in March 2019 although the business had been running as a cuckoo distillery, with the help of Strathearn Distillery, since September 2017.  Selkirk Distillers started producing Selkirk Gin in September 2017, followed by Bannock Gin in November 2017 and are now proudly distilling these gins in their own distillery on Philiphaugh Estate in Selkirk.  All profits made during the two years of working as a cuckoo distillery were reinvested back into the business, creating a truly self made distillery.

Both of their core gins have strong links to the Scottish Borders. Gorse flowers collected from Selkirk Hill are used as a tantalising botanic for Selkirk Gin whilst the local traditional teacake – the Selkirk Bannock – is used to create the delicious and unique Bannock Gin…like a Bannock in a Bottle.

Selkirk Distillery is surrounded by a wealth of botanical resources within the Philiphaugh Estate which are used to produce seasonal, one off, products as well as year round, core products.  The distillers are keen to make the most of this rich environment and will soon be using juniper berries from the bushes found on the estate in all of their future gins.


The Old Joinery
Philiphaugh Estate

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