Selkirk Gin

Distilled in Scotland by Selkirk Distillers Ltd.

Selkirk Gin is now the name of Selkirk Distiller’s core gin Reiver’s Gin, first produced in September 2017. Production has since moved to their own distillery in the heart of the Scottish Borders. The main botanical, the whin flower grows wild on the rolling lowland hills of Selkirkshire. The whin flower, known as the golden flower of Thor, is handpicked, cleaned and dried by the creators before infusing it within their gin.

Selkirk Gin was developed to be enjoyed over ice, with a slice of orange. The botanicals in Selkirk Gin include juniper, angelica root, grapefruit, lemon and orange peel, liquorice root and the all-important whin flower (Ulex europaeus).


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