Uisge Lusach – Sùg (dry)

Distilled in Scotland

Pràban na Linne

First Produced


Still Type

Copper pot still

  The Uisge Lusach – Sùg (dry) Story

Way back in 1976, Sir Iain Noble set up Pràban na Linne Ltd, The Gaelic Whiskies, to provide authentic whisky, of quality, for the connoisseurs of the Gaelic speaking Hebridean Islands of Scotland.

Following an illustrious tradition of the Isle of Skye, Sir Iain acquired a (what is rumoured to be illicit whisky) still, which Lucilla Noble has had converted to distil gin – Gaelic Gin!

The traditional copper still, with its cooling worm housed in an old whisky cask, is identical to the smugglers’ stills that were held in high regard and gained a fabled reputation in the 18th and 19th centuries. It is small enough to be transported on the back of a horse – a vital necessity in past times to evade the excise men!

With the recent addition of a botanical infusing basket, the illicit whisky still is now perfectly at home producing Gaelic Gin, legally of course! Influenced by the copper of the still and the softness of the Skye water, the resulting spirit is exceptional; well rounded, richly aromatic and beautifully balanced.

Uisge Lusach gin reflects and reinforces the rich Gaelic heritage of the Isle of Skye. Distilled using the island’s soft water, taking the “Uisge” from Uisge Beatha (Scotland’s water of life: whisky) seemed very appropriate. “Lusach” (meaning herbaceous or abounding in herbs) presented itself as the perfect partner.

  Key Botanicals

  • Juniper
  • coriander
  • cassia bark
  • angelica
  • lemon peel
  • cardamom

  Tasting Notes

The unhurried pace of the vapour infusion influences Uisge Lusach’s refined rich texture.  The juniper is perfectly balanced by a lemon citrus brightness and delicate notes of warming spice.  The flavour of the gin is greatly improved by distillation in a smuggler’s illicit pot still. 

  • Boladh / Nose: Soft cardamom leading to a piquant citrus freshness
  • Blas / Palate: A refined richness of texture and depth of warm aromatic spice, rounded by hints of fresh citrus and lively juniper
  • Deireadh/ Finish: A long lingering delight, smooth and deeply warming

Uisge Lusach is smooth and delicate enough to enjoy neat, though it also makes a remarkable G&T – they recommend serving simply with a slice of orange or lime, the best tonic and plenty of ice. 

Or look forward to the warmer months with the ‘Negroni an t-samhraidh’:

  • 25ml Uisge Lusach Sùg (Dry) gin
  • 25ml St Germain elderflower liqueur
  • 25ml White vermouth

Stir in a large glass over ice to chill but not dilute.  Serve straight up in a chilled martini glass and garnish with a slice of cucumber


  • Uisge Lusach - Spiced Gin

  Key Personnel

Leah Dunlop – head distiller

Lucilla Noble – proprietor

  The Scottish Gin Society verdict

With so many of us seduced by packaging, one might overlook this gin, and that would be a big mistake! This gin evokes memories of sweet Swedish buns, with hints of almond and the gentle warmth of spice coming through. This is one of those gins, that I believe is best served neat, as it has real depth of character, if however, you want to add tonic, you won’t be disappointed.

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