Pràban na Linne

Overlooking the historic lighthouse at Eilean Iarmain on the Sound of Sleat head distiller Leah lovingly hand crafts small batches of exceptionally smooth Gaelic Gin. Over thirty years ago the late Sir Iain Noble acquired what is rumoured to be a former illicit whisky still, and in 2017 they started making Gaelic Gin (legally!). The still is small enough to be transported on the back of a horse to evade the excise men – although this has never been tested.

Each small batch of the signature Highland dry gin has the personal touch – from selecting the finest botanicals to labelling and numbering each bottle in their Skye hideaway. The distillery welcomes visitors, where you can sample Uisge Lusach and also their range of award winning Gaelic Whiskies.


Eilean Iarmain
Isle of Skye
IV43 8QR

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