Persie Labrador Gin

Distilled in Scotland

Persie Distillery

First Produced


Still Type

230 litre copper pot still

  The Persie Labrador Gin Story

The husband-and-wife team behind Persie Distillery is Simon and Chrissie Fairclough. In 2013 they launched Gin Club Scotland – the world’s first touring gin club – with the purpose of hearing first-hand the voice of the gin-loving people of Scotland. The game-plan? To use these insights to create a gin that hit the spot.

And that’s what they did. After one year, they harvested feedback from 3,000 gin tasters and found the three styles of gin that were consistently most popular: fruity, savoury and sweet. So recipe development started in earnest, and – in May 2016 – Persie’s Distillery Originals range was born: Zesty Citrus Gin; Herby & Aromatic Gin; and Sweet & Nutty Old Tom Gin.

Just two years later, in 2018, Persie Distillery joined forces with PADS (Perthshire Abandoned Dogs Society) as its dedicated charity partner. As a keen dog-friendly business, the team’s mission was to release a family of ‘dog gins’ – with different styles of gin reflecting different breeds! For every bottle sold, £1 is donated to PADS to help provide care and shelter for the country’s unwanted dogs.

Carefully created to reflect the breed, Labrador Gin is traditional, soft in the mouth and warming – classically juniper-forward with a seasoned coriander and cardamom finish. Spaniel Gin reflects the breed by being lively on the palate: spicy and spirited yet very gentle, the gin is made using mace and cinnamon to give it great warmth and intensity. 

The team at Persie Gin also create Spaniel Gin, Dachshund Gin Liqueur and Dog Days Gin and for the ideal gift for gin (and dog) lovers, they offer a bespoke personalising service, where your choice of Persie Gin is delivered in a bottle bearing your very own picture and message – these amazing gifts have been super-popular during lockdown with people looking for an original way to brighten up their loved one’s day!

The Persie Gin crew are known for their sense of humour (they take their gin seriously, not themselves) and have recently produced some brilliant face masks that are “only removed for gin or sarcasm” – we love these!!

  Key Botanicals

  • Juniper
  • Cardamom
  • Coriander

  Tasting Notes

Like the breed, Labrador Gin is traditional, mellow, soft in the mouth and warming. It is fresh and playful up front, then soft and warming once it settles.

What makes the gin traditional is bags of juniper on the nose. What makes it soft and warming is cardamom and coriander, which rise to the surface once you add tonic.

Suggested serve: light tonic or light lemonade, a slice of lemon and some torn mint.


  • Zesty Citrus Gin
  • Herby & Aromatic Gin
  • Sweet & Nutty Old Tom Gin
  • Spaniel Gin
  • Dachshund Gin Liqueur
  • Dog Days Gin

  Key Personnel



  The Scottish Gin Society verdict

We haven’t tried Persie’s Labrador Gin, but will add our verdict as soon as we do!

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