Isle of Harris Gin

Distilled in Scotland

Isle of Harris Distillery

First Produced


Still Type

300L copper Frilli still

  The Isle of Harris Gin Story

Voted No.1 in our recent poll of Scottish Gins, Isle of Harris Gin is the inaugural spirit release from the distillery which opened in late 2015.

The team worked with an ethnobotanist to analyse dozens of potential botanicals from the island’s moors and machair before turning to the sea. Sugar Kelp seaweed was finally identified as the key botanical, and it is gathered by hand by diver Lewis Mackenzie from sea-lochs around the Outer Hebrides before drying. 

It is then combined with 8 other botanicals from around the world to make this unique Scottish Gin in their small-batch, traditional copper still with ascending lyne arm with purifier, made by Frilli of Siena.

Their iconic bottle design embodies all elements of the distillery and community’s close connection to the sea.

Isle of Harris Gin was released in October 2015, selling exclusively from the distillery and online shop. Now available from a number of click ’n collect outlets, both the gin and the bottle have gone on to win multiple awards from both expert and consumer panels alike.

  Key Botanicals

  • Sugar Kelp
  • Angelica
  • Bitter Orange
  • Cubebs
  • Liquorice
  • Cassia Bark
  • Coriander Seed
  • Orris Root
  • Juniper

  Tasting Notes

On The Nose – A well-defined juniper note with pine needles, immediately followed by the fresh citrus notes of bitter orange, lime and grapefruit. Develops a complex floral note of rose and wallflowers with crushed green herbs, coriander and gooseberry all underpinned by mixed spice. Sugar kelp adds to the complexity and richness and gives a dry maritime note.

On The Palate – Refreshing gin with a good balance between the bitter juniper and pine and the sweet fruit flavours of mango, grapefruit and orange. A green herb flavour has developed of crushed coriander. Distinctive and smooth with a dry, flinty taste.

On The Finish – Overall a long, clean finish. As the juniper and citrus fade away, sweet vanilla and black pepper remain with a gentle reminder of the sea.

Isle of Harris Distillery suggest you enjoy their gin unadulterated. Sip neat, or pour over ice, and add a few drops of Sugar Kelp Aromatic Water to taste. For the ultimate G&T, use large chunks of ice, a few drops of Sugar Kelp Water, a splash of good tonic and garnish with a slice of pink grapefruit.


  • Isle of Harris Gin

  Key Personnel

  • Managing Director: Simon Erlanger
  • Head Distiller: Kenny Maclean
  • Distillers: Donnie Macleod, Domhnall Macleod, Billy Fraser, Norman Iain Mackay

  The Scottish Gin Society verdict

A wonderfully refreshing gin that balances juniper and sweet fruits and finishes with the taste of being by the sea.  We particularly enjoyed it garnished with pink grapefruit and a light premium tonic.  The bottle looks great on the gin shelf too.

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