Isle of Harris Distillery

The Isle of Harris Distillery is known as ‘The Social Distillery’. The distillery has an ethos which embraces the generous character of the people of The Isle of Harris. When founder, Anderson ‘Burr’ Bakewell, lived on The Isle of Scarp for over 30 years, he watched as many working age islanders left due to lack of sustainable, year round employment. Burr wanted to change that, and this became the inspiration for the Isle of Harris Distillery.

The distillery has the people of Harris, the Hearachs, at the heart of everything it does. The aim is to create employment and an enterprise that will thrive for decades and even centuries to come.  Along the way sending the magical, elusive spirit of the island out into the world.

The distillery is open year round and the shop is filled with fresh batches of Isle of Harris Gin daily. The first thing you’ll notice is the friendly welcome as you walk into an atmosphere laden with community spirit and family ties. These are the things that make Harris a special place.



Tarbert, Harris, HS3 3DJ

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